Welcome to EAV Resource

This website is intended to be a practical resource for alternative complementary healthcare practitioners and others interested in understanding and using EAV technologies including:

  • EAV – Electro-Acupuncture according to Reinhold Voll.
  • EDS/CEDS – Electro-Dermal Testing/Computerized Electro-Dermal Testing
  • VEGA Testing
  • Related technologies

EAV Resource focuses on clinical EAV skills and EAV background knowledge. We have broken the site into categories for easy reference:

1) EAV Articles:

  • EAV History – How does EAV work?
  • EAV Clinical Studies validating the efficacy of EAV Testing.

2) EAV Video Library

  • EAV Testing Sessions – Recorded examples of testing sessions by notable EAV practitioners
  • EAV Videos – Videos explaining the nature and usage of related technologies

Our goal is to provide relevant and knowledgable insight into EAV technologies.
This site is intended to be a free informational resource to support EAV Testing and the community of EAV practitioners.  Solicitation of services and products is not permitted.  Inappropriate comments, content and language will be monitored and removed.

You may contact us if you have specific questions that you don’t wish to post on the EAV Forum or if you are interested in contributing video links or clinical studies to the site.

We hope that this site will become a valuable, useful resource for all individuals interested in EAV technologies.

EAV Resource